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SET C- RM 188

Apr 13, 2020
SET C- RM 188
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Set C - RM 188
1.ϻϺ Tiger Prawn Roll 
2.㽺 Fish Paste (1kg) 
3.Ŧ N.Zealand Half Shell Mussel 
4.з Crab Farci 
5.ɳϺ Sabah White Prawn 31/40
6.Ƭ Abalone Sliced 600gm
7.Ƭ Tilapia Fillet x 3
8.ڴ otak-otak

SET B-RM 238

Apr 13, 2020
SET B-RM 238
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Set B - RM 238
1. Hokkaido Scallop 20/40 (1kg) 
2.Ŧ N.Zealand Half Shell Mussel 
3.ഺ Shishamo 
4.֥ʿ Sossy Chicken Roll 
5.Ƭ Abalone Sliced 600gm 
6.ɳϺ Sabah White Prawn 26/30 
7. Dragon Cod Fish x2
8.СҶϺ Small Leaf Prawn Paste

SET A- RM 288

Apr 13, 2020
SET A- RM 288
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Set A - RM 288 
1.Ϻ Mantis Shrimp 
2.ϻϺ Sabah Tiger Prawn (8/10) 
3. Hokkaido Scallop 20/40 (1kg)
4.ɳͶײ Sabah Pomfret x2
5.ձ H1 Sharks Fin 
6.СҶϺ Small Leaf Prawn Paste 
7.з Grabmeat 400gm 
8.Ƭ Abalone Sliced 600gm

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